The job of marketing doesn’t stop once your campaigns are out in the world. In order to make sure that your campaigns are performing you need to monitor their success and measure the impact that they have had on your business. In this article, I look at five ways you can use analytics to improve your campaigns.

1. Website Analytics

Website analytics show you the number of visitors your website is attracting, and what those visitors are doing on your site. Site analytics will show you the source of your leads, the paths that your users take through your site, how long they spend on each page, and which pages are causing customers to leave before they have completed a transaction. Analysing these results will let help you identify your greatest online lead sources and optimise the customer journey on your site.

2. Conversion Tracking

Most digital ad platforms allow you to track conversions, letting you the results that you are hoping to achieve and monitor your campaign’s effect on those results. Since conversion tracking is customisable, it means you can identify the results that are most impactful to your business, giving you insights that will help refine your campaigns whatever their goals may be.

3. Customer Relationship Management

If you have an active sales team, then the chances are that you are using Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. CRM software lets you track and monitor your sales, and your lead generation and nurturing. Since CRM software can be used to record the complete journey of a customer, from initial lead to closed sale, it is a great tool to use to track the results of your campaigns, tracking lead sources, campaign metrics, and the activity your leads have taken, not just on your website or through your campaigns, but also on an ongoing basis as they interact with your business.

4. Return On Investment

No matter what your goals are for your business, monitoring your Return On Investment (ROI) is essential. Tracking your ROI will let you know if the campaigns are cost effective by letting you know the costs to acquire a customer through each of your campaigns.

Accurately calculating your ROI means keeping a close eye on each campaign and thoroughly tracking not just the cost of ad placement, but also of the development of advertising material, sales support, the technology used, etc.

By using the systems described above, especially via your CRM, you can more easily track the customer’s journey from lead to sale, the steps involved, and the costs they incur.

5. Refine and Improve

Once you have a clear idea of the effect of your marketing campaigns you can review, considering your goals and the effects of the campaign, and use what you have learned to identify ways that you can improve. Over time, this will help you build better, more effective campaigns and focus your time, effort and resources on marketing that delivers the results you want.

John Rowbottom Design and Marketing can take care of every step of developing your campaigns, from development to campaign maintenance. If you would like to discuss what we can do for your company, visit and book an appointment today.

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