Marketing is a complex thing. Everyone has an idea of how it works, what it can accomplish and how to best achieve results. But many of the preconceptions that someone may hold about marketing come bound up with myths and ideas that don’t hold true in the real world, and which can torpedo the effectiveness of your campaigns. In todays post, I address five of the biggest myths about modern marketing.

1. Your competition have everything figured out – just copy what they’re doing

It’s tempting to look at what your closest rivals are doing with their marketing and assume that the same will work for you. In some respects, this isn’t a bad idea; you should absolutely investigate your competition and look to what you can learn from them. But your business isn’t the same as your rivals. There are no guarantees that even a close rival will be operating the same way as you, or targeting the same customers, or offering the same service. Your business is unique, and your marketing plan should be too.

2. You can build the perfect strategy

This is one that can trip some experienced marketers up as often as it does newcomers. No matter what your marketing strategy is, or how well it has been planned, it will never be perfect. Even if you were, by some miracle, able to create an absolutely ideal strategy for a company’s marketing at one point, over time, the needs of the company, the drives of the customers and the nature of the marketing environment will all change. No marketing plan is perfect, and no marketing plan works forever. The only way to know if you have picked the correct strategy is to test it. Test everything; test marketing platforms, test ad copy, test what demographic you are marketing towards, test graphics and creative. Hard data is the only way to know if your campaigns are performing as you intend them to.

3. Content marketing should showcase my company

Time and time again I have come across companies and businesses who believe that the purpose of content marketing is to tell their customers how great their business is. And time and time again I have told people the hard truth that their customers don’t care. Customers want information that is relevant and useful to them. That means content that gives them solutions to the issues they are dealing with, not content that discusses your company. Good content will associate those solutions with your products and services and will associate your brand with what matters to your customers, rather than outright singing the praises of your company.

4. Marketing can make my customers do what I want

Perhaps the biggest misconception people hold about marketing is in what it is capable of. Marketing can’t create demand out of nothing, and it can’t make a bad product look good – not once it’s in the hands of the consumer. Like I said above, your customers come to you looking for a solution to a problem. Marketing makes your customers aware that you provide a solution. Good marketing shows the right people that you have the right solution.

5. Traditional media is dead

If you look around the internet, you’ll see no shortage of statements that traditional media are dead, and that traditional methods of marketing are finished. It’s certainly true that markets have shifted, and that online advertising now represents the bulk of marketing activity, but depending on your business, your customer base and your products, traditional media may still be in play. Radio still reaches a massive audience, some groups still watch network television, and older audiences still read print newspapers. Again, what works for you will be as unique as your business. Look into your customer base, and make sure that there are no opportunities that you are missing.

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