Without question, Covid-19 has completely overturned normal life for billions of people around the globe. Your business is facing challenges that none of us had expected we would have to face. Moving ahead and marketing your business in these times is complicated, but there are still sound principles that can be followed to make sure that you can continue to operate and function. In this article, I discuss five key points to follow to put together campaigns that will work in a business landscape that has been changed by Covid-19.

1) Be empathetic

Covid has changed the world for everyone, including your customers. Your customers are exposed to new pressures that have changed the ways they interact with the world, including your marketing. More than ever, its important right now to consider the tone and the messaging of your advertising. Be considerate of your audience, and of the stresses that you know they are experiencing. Avoid high pressure sales or fear tactics, and instead focus on providing a simple and straightforward explanation of how you can help to make your customers’ lives easier.

2) Be generous

In times of crisis, people come together. For reasons that go far beyond just marketing, now is the time that you should be thinking of how your company can help others around you. If there is a service that you can give, a product you can afford to provide or a message that you can share that can help your community, then you should consider doing so. Even using the voice that you have on social media, in your stores or on your website can help to promote the advice and information on dealing with the coronavirus, and help your community remain safe.

3) Consider your market

Even just across one country, communities have been affected by the coronavirus in different ways. While geographic considerations are always a part of marketing, Covid has made them more important than ever. Be aware of the issues that your customers in different areas might be having. Whether they are in a period of lockdown, what businesses are in operation and what restrictions are in place will all affect what is reasonable in terms of your advertising and what your customers can be expected to respond to. Keep up to date with the changing details, and structure your marketing plans accordingly.

4) Take advantage of your opportunities

Changing situations worldwide don’t just present new challenges, but also new opportunities. The changed business environment has meant less ad spending from large and small companies alike, which has lead to lower prices for paid advertising. At the same time, news sites and social media have seen increased traffic from people wanting to find out what is happening day to day. Consider looking into paid advertising, as current rates have made it more affordable than ever.

5) Don’t panic

The coronavirus is not the end of everything. You, and your business, need to continue operating, through this crisis and after it. Your marketing, like the rest of your business operations, will need to change throughout the crisis, but it doesn’t have to stop.

I hope that this article has offered some useful advice regarding marketing during the ongoing Covid situation. John Rowbottom Design and Marketing remains open, to help assist our clients with their campaigns and to provide ongoing support. To get in touch, please visit us at jrdm.com.au

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