Content marketing requires a constant stream of new material to maintain your organisation’s visibility online. It can be tempting to fall into routines and rely on the same form of content, but varying what you create, how you create it and the types of stories you tell can help raise your profile with fresh and exciting material. In this article, I look at five ways to vary the type of content you create and get better results from your content marketing.

1) Guest blog

Don’t just restrict your content marketing to your own channels. Guest blogging gives you an opportunity to reach out to your customers on other platforms, showing your connection with other brands and organisations that they trust. This increases the reach of your content marketing, bringing in new customers who might not have encountered you on your other content platforms, and raises your profile as a source of trusted information and expertise. Consider reaching out to other content providers that align with your organisation and see if they would be interested in collaboration.

2) Share customer stories

The one thing that you can be certain your customers are interested in is their own experiences, so it’s a fairly safe bet that an experience that is meaningful to one of your customers will be meaningful to more of them. Sharing the stories your customers share with you about how they use your products and services, and how they have used them to overcome a problem they have faced, will always be a great way to connect with your audience.

3) Create a message for change

If recent years have demonstrated one thing, it’s that there is a need and an appetite for social change. While approaching the topics around complicated social issues like mental health, social equality or systemic racism can be difficult, being willing to discuss those issues and work for genuine change is something that is especially important to younger consumers, who increasingly look for brands and organisations that share their social values. If you want to make a difference with what your company does, be willing to share those values.

4) Add interactivity

Consider adding interactive content as a part of your content mix. Interactive content lets your users explore what you have created in their own way, and has a level of engagement that traditional content lacks. This could be an interactive infographic, a service that delivers a customised solution to a user’s problem, or even something as simple as an online poll. Interactive content grabs the user’s attention and keeps it in a way that traditional content marketing simply cannot match.

5) Take advantage of new technology

Technology doesn’t slow down. There is always a new development, or a new app, or an entirely new medium. Creating content that takes advantage of new technology shows that your company is connected to the changing world, and positions you as relevant, up-to-date and flexible.

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