In marketing, knowing how well you are performing is key to success. Understanding which of your campaigns are the most successful at drawing in leads and converting them to customers is an essential part of ensuring your campaigns are optimised. But to really ensure that your performance is as high as possible, it’s also important to identify the campaigns and promotions that simply do not work, to find out why, and to kill off anything that is costing you money for no real benefit. In today’s article, I look at five ways to identify campaigns that simply aren’t working.

1) High bounce rates

If a customer hits your landing page and goes no further, that usually means one of two things; either the customer isn’t interested in what they found there, or what they found there has given them all the information they need. Neither of those options moves a customer further down the acquisition process.

If your landing pages are experiencing a high bounce rate, take a look at the structure of your landing page. Make sure that it is aligned with your campaign, easy to navigate, and offers a clear call to action that appeals to the customer you’re trying to attract.

2) Low page traffic

If your landing pages aren’t seeing a lot of traffic, then your campaigns aren’t drawing in customers. If you are running an inbound campaign, consider the ad content that you are running. Is it clear and easy to understand? Does it offer a proposition that interests your customers? Is it running in the right place to reach the right customers? Take a look at the upstream metrics for your ads, through the platform you are running them on. If your ad is being served to a lot of people but generating few clicks, then it’s definitely time to reconsider the content of your advertising material.

3) Few return visitors

New visitors are good, but unless they keep returning to your website, they are unlikely to become long-term customers. If your campaigns are bringing in a lot of customers but not getting many of them to stay, consider the structure of your site, the quality of the content there, and the ease-of-use of your customer experience. In an ideal world, you want content that is compelling enough to keep customers coming back for more, and a customer experience frictionlessly guides the user through the sales process.

4) High acquisitions costs

As always, the number one metric to judge any campaign by is revenue. If you are spending more to bring customers to your site than you are earning from those new customers, then ultimately the campaign isn’t doing its job. Low conversions can be a sign that your advertising isn’t drawing in the right leads, that your customer experience is poor, or that your offer isn’t suitable for your audience.

5) Know when to fold

Ultimately, if a campaign is repeatedly failing to meet your goals, then the decision will need to be taken as to whether it can be fixed and brought up to the level that you need, or if it should be killed off entirely. The points above will give you a good indication of how far under expectations a campaign is running and what the causes might be, and whether it can be saved will be different for each campaign, but don’t be afraid to be brutal. A poorly running campaign does your business no favours, only costing you money and the good will of your customers.

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